Where can I get free boxes for moving?

How to move house quickly
How to move house quickly

Moving house is a costly business with everything else that you have to pay out for. So one of your first questions might well be where can i free boxes for moving? One thing you will need to get is boxes. Some people opt for plastic stacker boxes or plastic crates but most people just use cardboard boxes. You only need the boxes for moving your stuff from one house to another and then the boxes are no longer needed. On this basis you are probably looking at finding cardboard boxes for free. Well i can help you with Where can I get free boxes for moving?

You may have hired a removal company to help you move house and they may be providing all the boxes for you. If you are moving all the stuff yourself, you will need to on the look out for boxes. You may be lucky enough to acquire as many boxes as you will need for free if you ask about.

Here are my suggestions of where you might be able to source free cardboard boxes.

  • Try your local post office. They might have some good sized boxes from the products that they sell like empty crisp boxes. They may not be the strongest boxes but could still come in really useful.
  • Put a post on the local Facebook site to see if anyone has recently moved house and is looking to off load all of their boxes. Even flat packed boxes take up room. Someone may be looking for the perfect person to off load them to.
  • Ask at your local supermarkets. They have regular deliveries and may have some good sized sturdy boxes. You may also get a variety of sizes which will also be handy for packing different items. In some supermarkets you can also pick up banana boxes from near the checkouts which make good sturdy boxes for moving your stuff.
  • Ask at the local recycling center. Most people take the boxes that they no longer need to the recycling centre. You may strike it lucky and find plenty of good sized boxes there. Cardboard boxes don’t last for many moves so make sure you choose good quality clean boxes.
  • Take a trip to your local fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s or Burger King. They both have regular deliveries of food in good strong boxes. They may be happy for you to take the boxes rather than them having to dispose of them. You could always get yourself a cheeky meal or drink while you are there too.
  • Shops such as Home bargains, B&M or Ryman’s also have regular deliveries. They may have some good sized boxes so they may be worth popping into to ask if you can take some.
  • If you have known for a while that you are planning on moving in the near future, you could start saving boxes. These could be boxes from places like Amazon, Hobby craft, Argos, Smyths Toys, Boots etc. Just check that the boxes are in good condition. You don’t want boxes that have been damaged in transit or been weakened due to getting wet.
  • If you have any warehouses or wholesalers near to where you live. They might have a rack that they put all the boxes they no longer need for people to collect. You could strike it lucky and find some good quality boxes there.

Seek out the FREE Boxes first

Ideally you are looking to save costs and try and find as many cardboard boxes as you can for free. If you are struggling to find free boxes places like Argos and wilko’s sell boxes for moving but they work out quite expensive. Especially if you have lots of possessions to move or a large family. Try and start your search for boxes as soon as you are planning on moving as this will give you plenty of time to find some.

Once you have moved and are all unboxed be sure to list your empty boxes on a local selling site so you can help someone else that is struggling to find boxes. Also it gets rid of all the boxes for you so you don’t have to keep moving them!

If you found this blog helpful please take a look at How to move house quickly.

Good luck with everything if you are in the process of moving. I hope it all goes smoothly and to plan.

Lisa x