How to move house quickly

How to move house quickly
How to move house quickly

Sometimes when you are planning to move things can happen unexpectedly and catch you by surprise. This could be due to having to move for a job relocation for a better job, move due to a change of school or catchment area for your children, your tenancy has come to an end and your lovely landlords have give you the required notice, you have found the perfect house or you have sold your current house and need to move quickly. Any of these situations along with others could be the reason you need to move pretty sharpish.

Despite the reason for having to move you will have to start packing regardless and this can seem like an impossible task. If you had more time and had been planning on moving at a slightly more casual pace you could take your time and be far more organised with your packing strategy. So packing in a hurry will be slightly different but it is still possible and no where near as daunting as you think. I will tell you how to move house quickly without getting rid of everything.

Don’t go mad throwing everything away

When you are faced with the reality of having to move in a hurry it can cause a sudden panic at the sheer volume of stuff that you have that will need packing. Not forgetting that there is not just the house that needs packing but also the loft/shed/garage.


Take time to have a good look around at all the stuff that you have. There will of course be things that you can get rid of. Don’t fall into the trap of throwing loads of stuff away as you don’t need to. Being to hasty and throwing loads away can cause regret and expense in time to come. Try to take with you as much of your stuff as you can. You never know when you are going to need your stuff in the future. The fact that you have it shows that you wanted it at one point!

Deciding what you need

When faced with the prospect of having to move quickly there is no time to really take stock of what to get rid of. Normally you would have the time to have the usual sort out of keep/throw/sell. Having to move suddenly might not allow you this time. Don’t be too hasty and start throwing all sorts away. You never know when you might need it again the future. You might need it for your new house.

At the point of starting to pack its really hard to look into the future and decide exactly what you will or won’t need. If you are in a position to be able to take it with you then take it. You could always leave it in a box if it doesn’t fit your new home straight away but you want to keep it.

Try to be organised

Although packing in a hurry can be rushed and chaotic try to be a little bit organised as this will help loads.

Try to pack the things that you don’t use on a weekly basis first. These could be things like books, ornaments, some toys, dvd’s etc. Box all of those items up together and label all the boxes well. This will help with the unpacking later on. You could use a storage unit to store the boxes for a month or two to make moving quicker and easier or the garage of a friend or family member.

By moving out all your boxed up non essential items it will help you to keep a clear mind. You will also be able to take stock of what you have left and it will be easier to sort and box up. By not having loads of boxes all stacked up in the house it will allow you to keep the house clean so you don’t have all the cleaning to do right before you move out.

Box up all the items that you do use often together like crockery/cutlery/pots & pans/clothes/bedding etc. These will need to be accessed easily as they are used daily. Pack these items last as you will be using some of them right until days before you move. They will also be the boxes that you will need to unpack first when you arrive at your new house. These are your essentials.

Pack an overnight bag

Packing an overnight bag containing some toiletries, clean underwear and a change of clothes is also a good plan. This will allow you to have what you need to hand ready so you don’t have to rifle through loads of bags or boxes to find your stuff. Especially if its been a long day and you are shattered from moving. You can get yourself sorted, roll into bed and then start unpacking the next day.

Leaving Day

On the day you are due to leave your home for the final time, whether you are selling or renting. Make sure you take some good photos. You should do this after after you have removed all your boxes and belongings and you have cleaned the house. This was you will get good clear photos of the walls and any fixtures and fittings. The photo’s are your record of the condition of the house on the day you have left. These will be most useful in case of any disputes with the new house owners or the landlord.

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Good luck if you are moving and i hope it all goes smoothly.

Lisa x