Dealing with school bubble closures.

Dealing with school bubble closures
Dealing with school bubble closures

Now September is finally here its a relief the children can return to school.  Mainly for the sake of the children. They need to have some kind of structured routine again and be back with their friends. During the last 6 months its been a pleasure to have them at home. We embraced the homeschooling and mixed in crafts and other activities along the way.  All the boys were happy to be back learning and despite a few nerves about what the return to school would look like they have all settled in really well and have adapted to the changes really quickly. I never thought i would be writing about dealing with our school bubble closures so soon.

Our boys returned to school on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rdSeptember. On Wednesday 9th just a week after they returned we received a message that the year 6 bubble was closing close due a child testing positive for Covid 19. Whilst it did come as a bit of a shock that one of the school’s bubbles was closing so quickly we were naturally expecting it to happen at some point. Let the homeschooling commence.

Problems for parents

For us it did not pose to many problems as at the moment both Shane and I are working from home. Not all parents are in the same position as us though. Some of the parents at school are single parents who had to contact their employers and inform them that for the next week and a bit they are unable to return to work due to their child having to be off. That alone poses more questions like will i even get paid? How will it affect my job? Other parents are faced with the difficulties of either being a single parent or having a partner/husband/wife who works so how could they bring younger siblings to school if one child has to stay home and isolate? It’s a really difficult situation for many people to be in. What if i can get the time off work but i don’t get paid? What am i supposed to do?

Naturally when we found out the bubble was closing all kind of questions run through our minds. Do we all have to self isolate? Can our other children still go to school? Are we all at risk? What do I need to do now? School has been really good and kept us all informed and issued a letter with all the details in. I was a little bit concerned at first as to weather the other children could still go to school but apparently as they have not been in direct contact with the infected child they were all free to go to school. The school had been taking advice from Public Health England and were following their guidelines.

Advice Given

Below is guidance from the Government around how to self isolate if you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus. In all cases you must:

– self isolate for 14 days, as it can take this period of time for symptoms to appear
– do not leave your home for any reason – if you need food or medicine this should be ordered online or by phone or collected by a family member
– do not have visitors into your home, except for essential care

These rules apply to your child only and do not apply anyone else that you live with. If other members of the household do not have symptoms they can continue as normal.

We took on board the advice and we have stayed at home and this also meant that at the weekend we were unable to venture out in order to maintain the rules.

Its been another rough time as our Son was happy to be back at school. He is now at home with us and feels he is missing out on being at school like his brothers. School sent an incredible amount of work through which has made homeschooling a lot easier. It certainly helps us as it means the work he is doing during this short period of self isolation is relevant. When they return to school they can build and expand on the work they have done at home.

Dont Panic

Don’t panic. Us parents can only do what we can do and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about it. Its a really difficult time for everyone and we are all in the same boat. The most important aspect in all of this is our children. As long as they are happy, safe, reassured and hopefully feeling well then we are doing a great job.

So for this short period of self isolation we are cracking on with the work that is required of him ready for the return to school. We are keeping our fingers crossed that no one else in the school tests positive for Covid-19. We are also keeping a close eye on us all so we pick up any signs of symptoms straight away. I hope dealing with school bubble closures is going to be a short term problem rather than a long term one. With winter cold and flu season fast approaching its just a case of seeing how it all goes and hope the spread of Covid-19 slows down again.

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Take Care

Lisa x