Ten Little Superheroes

Ten Little Superheroes
Ten Little Superheroes

Book Title: Ten Little Superheroes

Author: Mike Brownlow

Illustrator: Simon Rickerty

Pages: 32

Age Range: 3-5 yrs

Publisher: Orchard Book

Release Date: 24th August 2017

ISBN-13: 978-1408346273

Format: Paperback

Our Rating 5/5

Ten little superheroes is yet again another amazing book in this series of books. We love these books and they never disappoint. Full of fantastic bright and colourful illustrations.

Blurb on the back of the Book

Ten little super-kids, flying through the air, spot the league of Bad Guys plotting in their lair…

A traditional counting rhyme with awesome superhero powers from the creators of the best selling Ten Little series.

Our Thoughts

This is another one of Max’s favourite books. What could be better than a story about superheroes saving the city? This books follows the superheroes on their mission to save the city. See missions go wrong and try to spot which superhero goes missing too. Max loves counting the superheroes and trying to spot which one has disappeared after each mission. Max loves all the typical superhero fighting words like bash, crash, pow and whammie and he loves shouting them out at the relevant times in the story. Its a great book for children to be engaged with even if they are unable to read it themselves and Look what missions they have to tackle.

The bad guys march on Metro Hall to steal the city’s fate with Hippo Man

Metro hall is battered by the Bad Guys’ shocking tricks

Things are tense. The Bad Guys try to batter down the door!

“After them!” the villains cry. The kids are forced to flee.

The Super-Kids were awesome! You beat the Bad Guys! Wow!

This is a lovely book for young children to either read themselves or to be read to. Its a book we would highly recommend.

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Lisa x