Ten Little Robots

Ten Little Robots Book Review
Ten Little Robots Book Review

Book Title: Ten Little Robots

Author: Mike Brownlow

Illustrator: Simon Rickerty

Pages: 32

Reading level: 1-4 yrs

Publisher: Orchard Book

Release Date: 9thAugust 2018

ISBN-13: 978-1408338247

Format: Paperback

Our Rating 5/5

Blurb on the back of the book

Ten little robots all say, “BLEEP!”

Count from ten to one and back again with this action-packed, rhyming robot adventure.

Our Thoughts

sThis is another fantastic book from the Ten Little… series. We love this bright and colourful book and we love following the adventures that the robots embark on. Its doesn’t always go to plan and mishaps happen, each time this happens a robot goes missing. This book is great fun for the children trying to spot which robot is missing and counting the ones that are left. Its a truly lovely book and well worth having on your childrens bookshelf.

All the robots are gleaming, sparkly new. The factory looks exciting shall we take a peep and see what they get up to?

The robots stumble through the gate and slip on the slippy oil

They have to dodge the crashing bricks

The robots fear the furnace roar and get grabbed by the mango-grab

They end up in the molten brew

At the end of the story all the robots have fixed holes and pipes and are all safe together.

This is a lovely book and great for children. If you would liked this review you are able to purchase it from Amazon.

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