Ten Little Aliens

Ten Little Aliens Book Review
Ten Little Aliens Book Review

Book Title: Ten Little Aliens

Author: Mike Brownlow

Illustrator: Simon Rickerty

Pages: 32

Age Range: 3-5 yrs

Publisher: Orchard Book

Release Date: 8thAugust 2019

ISBN-13: 978-1408346327

Format: Paperback

Our Rating 5/5

Blurb on the back of the book

Ten little aliens all say. “SQUEEP!” count from ten to one and back again in a rhyming space adventure that’s out of this world!

Our Thoughts

This is a lovely bright and colourful book that totally captivated Max when we were reading it. Its also great for helping children with counting. Its a lovely story of the aliens travelling through the universe and getting into all kinds of trouble. Each time something goes wrong one of the aliens disappears. This story keeps children engaged as they try and spot which alien has disappeared. The illustrations are bright and colourful and full of details. We love this story and would recommend this book to parents.

The Aliens get up to all sorts of adventures and mishaps in space like

They get caught up in Comet’s tail

Get into a fiery fix

They end up Shivering to survive

They boing into the blobalobs

At the end of the story all the aliens are back together again in their spaceship and they finally discovered planet earth.

Ten little Aliens is such a lovely story. If you like the look of the book you can purchase it from Amazon.

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