Do It Scared Review

Do It Scared
Do It Scared Book Review

Just lately i have been finding a little bit of time to fit some reading into my day. Recently i read Do It Scared. I loved it so much i thought i would share my Do It Scared review with you.

I have been looking for different types of books to read and i came across Do it Scared by Ruth Soukup. Its a bit of a self help book and was just what i was looking for at the time.

Help i needed

I am not the most confident person at times, i can be quite an introvert and i hate talking in front of loads of people. For a while I have been looking for a book to offer me some help in overcoming all my fears and to try to tackle them head on. I really feel like reading this book has offered me loads of help and guidance in how i need to progress forward with more confidence.

Do it scared teaches you about all the fear archetypes and helps you to identify which one you are by completing a short quiz. I came out as the people pleaser which did not surprise me as it is very true for the type of person i am. The book offered a full break down of all the types of fear archetypes and the changes you need to make in order to be successful and create the life you love.

So much to learn

As well as highlighting the different Fear Archetypes Ruth’s book Do it Scared also highlights many other valuable lessons that can be learnt in order for you to gain courage and move your life forward to creating the life you want and love. These lessons include:

Dare to Think Big

Rules are for suckers

Always own it

Embrace honest feedback

There are no mistakes, only lessons

Balance is Overrated

Just keep going

Claim your target

Find your way

Create your action plan

Form your own truth club

Stop comparing

Eliminate excuses

Stay encouraged

I found this book helpful on so many levels. All of the chapters i read offered really useful and helpful advice. I feel loads better equipped to move my business forward and be far more structured and productive.

Well worth the money

I would definitely recommend this book to anybody starting out in business. I also think it would be helpful to people who already have an established business too. It is really packed with loads of helpful tips and advice that could help anyone.

I bought this book from Amazon for £16.99. If you go on to buy this book i hope you enjoy it as much as i did and i hope it provides you loads of useful tips.

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Lisa x